Professional patent analysts and consultants invest considerable effort in preparing accurate and insightful analyses.

Further confounding matters is the ever-shifting IP law and policy landscape in the US, which has caused an uptick in patenting activities in Europe and China, as well as looking at foreign markets and foreign patent portfolios. The changing landscape in America has altered business models and patent monetization strategies worldwide.

Whether you are managing an in-house patent portfolio, engaged in M&A deals involving IP assets, or a startup looking to secure funding, this webinar is for you. It is designed to help you optimize the value of your IP portfolio and will highlight patent market trends and the key factors impacting IP valuations.

Our host Gene Quinn (IPWatchdog) will be joined by two well regarded IP experts in intellectual property valuation and monetization strategy Efrat Kasznik (Foresight Valuation Group) and Kent Richardson (ROL Group) to discuss:

  • Current patent transactions and startup valuation data

  • How to value a portfolio/company that does not have a long track record

  • Impact of patent/technology value as technology spreads into new industries

  • The changing landscape in America and what it means for business models and patent monetization strategies worldwide

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Where to prioritize innovations for patent filling v.s. keeping trade secrets
  • Why Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) impacts commercialization
  • How to avoid prosecution traps or chasing bad patents that can needlessly waste financial resources  
  • When to evaluate licensing your patents from your portfolio to enhance monetization
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Thursday, March 30th, 2017
11:00 AM CT
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Patent Market Trends 

Gene Quinn, Patent Attorney & President, IPWatchdog, Inc

Gene’s particular specialty as a patent attorney is in the area of strategic patent consulting, patent application drafting and patent prosecution. He has worked with independent inventors and start-up businesses in a variety of different technology fields. He works with those pursuing patent protection for their innovations and the majority of his practice is focused on software, computer implemented methods, business methods, and internet innovations. As a patent attorney, he is able to represent inventors and businesses seeking patents across the United States.

Efrat Kasznik, President, Foresight Valuation Group & Lecturer, Stanford GSB

Efrat Kasznik is a valuation and intellectual property (IP) expert, with close to 20 years of consulting experience, focusing on assisting clients with the creation, commercialization and protection of their intangible assets. She specializes in performing business valuations and valuations of intangible assets for a range of purposes, including: mergers & acquisitions, financial reporting, technology commercialization decisions, tax compliance, transfer pricing, litigation damages and business liquidations. Efrat has worked with corporate clients that range in size from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups, law firms, universities, research institutions, inventors, IP brokers and patent funds. She analyzed patent portfolios and technologies across a diverse range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, telecom, chemicals, software, hardware, media and cleantech. Efrat has also been involved as a CFO, co-founder and advisor with several Silicon Valley start ups in the telecommunications, media and cleantech fields, and routinely advises start ups on their business strategy and revenue model.

Kent Richardson, Intellectual Property Strategist and Business Lawyer, ROL Group

Provides corporate strategic patent advice including patent defense and monetization planning and execution. Represents corporate patent buyers to source, diligence, and negotiate patent purchases. Developed and manages a market database of over $11B worth of patent buying opportunities. Financial modeling of patent defense and licensing options. Managed teams to develop and execute best practices in capturing, developing and marketing, patent portfolios. Significant experience in setting up and executing patent out-licensing programs. Direct negotiations and marketing support resulting in more than $600M patent license bookings. General counsel experience including M&A. Focus Areas: Patent monetization and defense, buying and selling, patent development, patent portfolio management, marketing & licensing. Technical background in computer engineering.

About Our Host and Panel of IP Strategy Experts:

Patent Market Trends

Impact to IP Valuation and Tactics to Optimize Your IP Portfolio 

For better or worse, the value of a patent is related to it being successfully monetized. However, the lack of transparency associated with reporting IP transactions undermine the best attempts to identify market norms. Even under the best of circumstances, the value of patents is often shrouded in mystery. This can lead to high profile events being disproportionately weighed by those not intimately familiar with the business side of the patent marketplace.

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